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Hello and welcome!


I am so glad you've landed on my site and I hope you enjoy all the goodies I have created for you. Legit threads was founded in 2023 by myself, Jasmine Elmer, an ancient world media personality. In case you are new to me, I do stuff on the tele, host my own podcast, Legit Classics and write books.  All of my work is about showing you how fun and colourful the ancient world is, and more importantly, how we can own it in any bloomin' way we want! The ancient world belongs to us all, and this brand is my way of showing this to the world. When you wear a Legit thread tee, sip from a mug, or don a cap, you are part of this movement. Join me in representing diversity, personal expression and making a statement by becoming part of the Legit threads family.  


All designs are by me and a reflection of my own personality and creativity. All of our products are printed by our partner, Inkthreadable, and you can find more information on our FAQ's page. All of our clothing is made from extremely high quality sustainable organic cotton and vegan printing. 

I am so excited to have you as part of the Legit threads family!

Jasmine x 

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